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18th Feb 2023

Introducing... Alcina

Jerusalem Lyric Opera Festival 2023 will see Alcina`s first production, directed by Katia Korabelnik and conducted by Ethan Schmeisser. Alcina is a philosophical parable about the vicissitudes of love and the delusions of reason. This story can be interpreted in any way, as a children`s fairy tale about brave heroes who defeated an evil sorceress, as an enchanting baroque performance, or as a psychological drama. Brief introduction The setting of the opera is the enchantress Alcina`s island: here by her magic powers she has created a magnificent palace in a beautiful landscape, to lure her many lovers into her power. One of these is Ruggiero, a warrior, who under Alcina`s spell has forsaken his duty and his betrothed, Bradamante.


6th Feb 2023

Melodies of love: Debussy concert

Claude Debussy: "I need something to love!" Debussy’s personal life was certainly tumultuous! The legendary composer was in love with 7 women, he was pretty romantic, but, as for many musicians, his main love was music. Only in adulthood, when he was 55, young women who could compete with music, appear in his life. The concert allows us to hear a selection of stupendous early Debussy songs, dedicated to his muses, along with the mature composer`s works.