Verdi Aida


"Aida" is a four-act opera written by the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi with Antonio Ghislanzoni setting the Italian libretto. The opera has been performed over a thousand times since it was created in 1886.

Against the backdrop of the glorious conquests of the ancient empire, the love story of the Egyptian commander Radames and the daughter of the king of the Ethiopians warring with Egypt, Aida, who is in slavery at the Egyptian court, unfolds. This love turns out to be stronger than the promise of glory and power, stronger than loyalty to the motherland, and even, in a sense, stronger than death. Unusual for Verdi`s operas, the inevitable fate that, in the ancient spirit, leads the characters to death, in the end, turns out to be neither gloomy nor tragic. Death in love, in the name of love, looks like happy oblivion after worldly storms.