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7th Jun 2024

G.F.Handel Giulio Cesare in Egitto

`If you do not feel pity for me, just heaven, I will die.`

Cleopatra dreams of becoming queen of Egypt, but she has to share power with her brother Ptolemy. In hopes of gaining the throne, she is forced to join her enemies and seduce Caesar, who conquered Egypt. Suddenly this feeling develops into love, which can exist despite political intrigues and wars.
Giulio Cesare in Egitto (Julius Caesar in Egypt), which was first performed in 1724 in London at the King´s Theatre was the most often performed of all of his operas during his lifetime, it was his most successful opera after his death.
The Baroque concept is based on ecstatic anticipation and the discovery of a miracle, the dynamics of contrasting comparisons, the sublime and the earthly, the tragic and the comic; it represented musical drama as a multifaceted, dramatically polyphonic, luxuriously staged performance, replete with stage effects, machinery, costumes, scenery, marked by concert brightness and vocal virtuosity letters. The strengthening of the classicist tendency during the first half of the eighteenth century, based on an attempt to establish a cult of reason requiring “clarity, dignity, and purity,” led to the clarification of the style and composition of the libretto, the crystallization of normative, orderly poetics, modeling musical drama as a mathematically calculated structure. Infinite time was presented in the form of a symmetrically organized closed space. The pathos of Enlightenment classicism was in correcting “rough” nature, including human nature, carried out through the purification of passions. Hence the inevitability of a happy ending, in essence - the achievement of harmony, designed to become an individual experience of the “central” viewer in position - the absolute, which meant an enlightened monarch.
Handel shows the Roman dictator Caesar as an enlightened monarch. He instructs his opponent, the Egyptian tyrant Tolomeo, about how he should deal with his opponents: he reconciles himself with the widow and son of his enemy Pompeo, murdered by Tolomeo, he is generous, decisive, and diplomatic, contemplative, and receptive to art and nature.
At the heart of what turned out to be Handel`s most popular opera are timeless questions about love and revenge.

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The Jerusalem Lyric Opera is a non-profit organization which is established for the promotion of the art of opera, and the nurturing of young talent in Israel as well as from abroad, through intensive and individually tailored instruction by a renowned faculty of artists.

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Our aim is to encourage mutual cultural dialogue amongst nations, creating innovative opportunities to enhance and promote music and opera as one of the highest forms of art and universal language. To spread musical culture amongst new generations, as well as motivate young artists by offering them the opportunity to further their careers and improve their professional technique.

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Jerusalem Lyric Opera - Gala Concert

Gala Concert with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, dedicated to World Opera Day 2022. Jerusalem Theatre, Henry Crown Hall

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